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MS Word / ODT options

This step allows you to set options for the target MS Word 2007 (*.docx) or ODF text (*.odt) file.


Using the Base Styles tab you can set font options for all elements of the Word 2007 / ODT document (HEADER, CAPTION, DATA, FOOTER). You can customize style options, such as font and size, background and foreground colors, text alignment, text highlight, etc. for each of them by clicking the corresponding item in the list and setting the options in the right-side panel.


Use the Font and Size drop-down lists to select the font and size to be applied to the text.

Use the buttons below to set font color, make text bold, italicized, underlined, strikethrough text, specify horizontal align.


CheckBox Background

Enables/disables background for text.

Press the btnExportData_BackgroundColor button to set the background color for the text.


CheckBox Highlight

Enables/disables text highlight.

If this option is enabled, you should select the preferable highlight color from the drop-down list.


For your convenience the previews illustrating the changes are displayed in the Sample Group area within the Base Styles and the Strip Styles tabs.


Export Data - Format-specific options - Word 2007 - Base Styles



Using the Strip Styles tab you can create a style template: set font, size, background color, text alignment, highlight options and save them.


To add a style template, click the Plus iconPlus button.

To delete a style template, select it and click the Minus iconMinus button.

To reorder style templates in the list, use the btnMoveItemUp btnMoveItemDown buttons.

To load a style template, click the iconLoadFromFile button.

To save the current style template, click the btnSave button.


If you have created or loaded more than one style template, they can be ignored, or used column-by-column or row-by-row (it depends on the Strip type selection).


Export Data - Format-specific options - Word 2007 - Strip Styles



You can reset the changes any time using the Reset Item and the Reset All buttons.



Using the Border tab you can enable borders in the result Word 2007 / ODT document and customize them.


CheckBox Use border

Enables/disables borders in the output file.

Press the btnExportData_Color button to set the color to be applied to the borders.

Use the Border Style drop-down list to select the preferable style that will be used for borders (single, thick, double, hairline, etc.).


Export Data - Format-specific options - Word 2007 - Border



When you are done, click the Next button to proceed to Setting common export options.