Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Editing as XML

The XML tab allows you to view/edit the XML (eXtensible Markup Language) data.


The toolbar provides additional functionality for BLOB Viewer/Editor: use the btnSave Save to file and the iconLoadFromFile Load from file toolbar buttons to save the content as *.xml or load XML content from a file.


Data View - BLOB View - XML



The XML content is represented as a tree-like structure consisting four editable fields: Name, Unique, Attributes and Value. You can edit data and modify the structure using drag-n-drop operations and items of the context menu.


Hint: Hold the Shift key when you drag-and-drop a node to insert it as a child one.


The context menu allows you to:

  • add a node (a child node relatively to the selected one);
  • remove the selected node;
  • copy the selected node source to clipboard;
  • cut the selected node;
  • copy the selected node;
  • paste a node from clipboard.


Press the Item attributes btnReport_EditData button in the editing mode of an Attribute item to add or edit attributes.


Data View - BLOB View - XML - Item attributes



Use the btnAddItem btnRemoveItem buttons to add or remove an attribute. Click the required attribute name or value to edit.