Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing route

Use the Route tab of Route Editor to create/edit a route and specify its properties.


Route Editor - Editing Route definition




Enter a name for the new route, or modify the name of the route being edited.



Use the drop-down list to set the owner of the route to the specified database user or role.



Specifies the name of the remote service that this route points to. It must exactly match the name the remote service uses.


Broker instance

Specifies the database that hosts the target service.



Specifies the time, in seconds, that SQL Server retains the route in the routing table. At the end of the lifetime, the route expires, and SQL Server no longer considers the route when choosing a route for a new conversation.



Specifies the network address for this route.


Mirror address

Specifies the network address for a mirrored database.