Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing queue

Use the Queue tab of Queue Editor to create/edit a queue and specify its properties.


Queue Editor - Editing queue definition




Is the name of the queue to create. This name must meet the guidelines for SQL Server identifiers.



Is the name of the schema to which the new queue belongs. The schema defaults to the default schema for the user that executes the statement.


CheckBox Enabled

Specifies whether the queue is enabled (available) or disabled (unavailable). When the queue is disabled, no messages can be added to the queue or removed from the queue.


CheckBox Retain messages

Specifies the retention setting for the queue. If the option is enabled, all messages sent or received on conversations that use this queue are retained in the queue until the conversations have ended.



Activation options


CheckBox Enabled activation

Specifies whether Service Broker starts the stored procedure to process messages in this queue.


Procedure name

Enter the name of the activation stored procedure, i.e. the stored procedure that has to be started to process messages in this queue.


Max queue readers

Specifies the maximum number of instances of the activation stored procedure that the queue starts at the same time.


Execute as

Use the drop-down list to select the SQL Server database user account under which the activation stored procedure runs.



Specifies the SQL Server filegroup on which the queue is created.