Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing external tables



Specify the name for the new external table.



Select schema for the external table location.


Data source

Select the name of the external data source.


External table - Object editor


File format

Select the existing external file format object that stores file type and compression method for external data.


Remote schema

Specify the different schema on the remote database to map the external table definition.


Remote name

Set the remote table name



Specify the folder or the full path to the file for the actual data in Hadoop or Azure blob storage. The location starts from the root folder; the root folder is the data location specified in the external data source.



This option is only required SHARD_MAP_MANAGER databases. Select how the table is treated:


RadioButton SHARDED table so data from different tables is not overlapped;

RadioButton REPLICATED table so that tables have the same data on every shard;

RadioButton ROUND_ROBIN so that application-specific method is used to distribute the data.


Reject options

Reject parameters are used to determine how PolyBase will handle dirty records.


Select if the values will be specified as literal RadioButton Value or RadioButton Percentage.



Specifies the value or the percentage of rows that can be rejected before the query fails.


Sample value

This attribute is required when you specify Percentage value type. It determines the number of rows to attempt to retrieve before the PolyBase recalculates the percentage of rejected rows.


Row location

Input the directory within the External Data Source to write rejected rows and the error file.