Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Creating/editing check

Use the Check tab of Check Editor to create/edit a check constraint and specify its properties.



Enter a name for the new check, or modify the name of the check being edited.



The drop-down list of tables allows you to select the table for which the check is created.


Check Editor - Editing check definition



CheckBox Enabled

Enables/disables the check immediately after it is created.


CheckBox Check existing data

This option specifies whether the data in the table is or is not validated against a newly added or re-enabled check.


CheckBox Not for replication

This option allows you to specify that the check should not be enabled when a replication agent modifies the table that is involved in the check.



This area represents the condition implied by the check constraint.

You can specify any logical (Boolean) expression that returns TRUE or FALSE based on the logical operators. For example, salary >= 15000 AND salary <= 100000.


For your convenience the syntax highlight, code completion and a number of other features for efficient SQL editing are implemented. For details see Working with Query Data area and Using the context menu.