Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Options for storing object definitions

This dialog is used for selecting object types to be saved and setting templates for file names.

For objects of non-selected types definition is saved.


Database Registration Info - DDL to Files - Options for storing objects



Include the following object types

This grid contains the list of object types presented in a database. To select an object type check the corresponding checkbox in the Included column. For your convenience the Select All and Unselect All functions are implemented in the context menu of the  list area.

Note: If subobjects (e.g. triggers) are included to save definition to separate files, their definition is excluded from definition of container object.

If you create or edit an object of the selected object type its definition is written to its corresponding *.sql file. Existing objects of the selected types can be chosen in the Object file names dialog.


The directory for storing same type objects is defined in the Subfolder for Object Files column. By default all folders have the same names as the corresponding object types.

Note: If you do not provide the full path to the folder it is stored in the directory defined in the Root folder for storing object definitions field. To select another location use the btnSelectDirectory button. This button appears on clicking the corresponding cell.


Templates of object file names


Use this group of options to define templates for file names that are used for storing objects definitions.

For your convenience tags are provided. You can use {object_name} tag both for schema and non-schema objects files templates. For schema objects a {schema_name} tag is available as well.

Files extension is optional.