Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Setting job properties

Use the Job tab of the Job Editor to configure/view job properties. If necessary, you can use items of the Navigation bar to manage the currently opened job (see Jobs manager).



Enter a name for the new job, or modify the name of the job being edited. Enable/disable the job using the CheckBox Enabled option.


Jobs - Job Editor - Editing job definition




Use the drop-down list to select the job category.

Job categories help you organize your jobs for easy filtering and grouping. For example, you can organize all your database backup jobs in the Database Maintenance category.



Use the drop-down list to select the job owner.

Note: To create a job, a user must be a member of one of the SQL Server Agent fixed database roles or the sysadmin fixed server role. A job can be edited only by its owner or members of the sysadmin role.



In this memo field you can supply an optional description for the job.


The lower area displays the following job events and properties:




Last run date

Last run status

Next run date