Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

DTS Packages

In SQL Server 2000, Data Transformation Services (DTS) is a component built to take data from one OLE DB data source, perform certain operations and store it in a destination OLE DB data source. DTS consists of packages which define a particular set of work that forms a logical work item. DTS Packages contain multiple connections to data sources, tasks to be performed, workflows. Examples of tasks include copying data from source to destination connections, transforming data from a source connection and placing the transformed data in the destination connection, executing a set of Microsoft ActiveX scripts or Transact-SQL statements against a connection.


In SQL Server 2005 (and higher), Integration Services (SSIS) packages are provided for data warehousing purposes.


SQL Manager for SQL Server provides running Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages that were developed by using SQL Server 2000 tools. These can be run in SQL Server 2005 and higher, alongside Integration Services (SSIS) packages.