Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Setting server options

The Security tab allows you to set server options that will be used for the specified linked server connection.


Linked Server Editor - Setting server options



Collation Compatible

If this option is enabled, SQL Server assumes that all characters in the linked server are compatible with the local server, with regard to character set and collation sequence (or sort order). This enables SQL Server to send comparisons on character columns to the provider.

This option should be set only if it is certain that the data source corresponding to the linked server has the same character set and sort order as the local server.


Data Access

This option enables/disables a linked server for distributed query access.



This option enables/disables RPC from the given server.



This option enables/disables RPC to the given server.


Use Remote Collation

This option determines whether the collation of a remote column or of a local server will be used.

If checked, the collation of remote columns is used for SQL Server data sources, and the collation specified in collation name is used for non-SQL Server data sources.

If unchecked, distributed queries will always use the default collation of the local server, while collation name and the collation of remote columns are ignored.


Collation Name

This drop-down list allows you to specify the name of the collation used by the remote data source if use remote collation is true and the data source is not a SQL Server data source.


Connection Timeout

Use this edit-box to set the time-out value for connecting to the linked server.


Query Timeout

Use this edit-box to set the time-out value for queries against the linked server.