Online Documentation for SQL Manager for SQL server

Create SQL statements rapidly

There are two options for creating SQL queries rapidly:


In the DB Explorer

  1. Right-click a table in the DB Explorer
  2. Choose Script to New Query Data context menu item.
  3. Select the necessary query type.


In the Design Query

  1. Open Design Query.
  2. On the Design Query tab drag an object from the DB Explorer tree to the diagram area.
  3. Choose necessary columns to include in the query by checking the corresponding box located to the left from the column name in the list, or just by double-clicking it. To include all columns of the table/view, check the box located to the left of the table/view caption.
  4. Associate two objects by their columns. Drag a column from one object list to another. This will set a link between these objects by the selected columns. It is indicated by a bidirectional arrow between the linked columns.
  5. Edit link properties. Double-click the linking arrow or right-click it and select the Property popup menu item. The Link properties dialog allows you to change the association condition by choosing it from the drop-down list.
  6. You can view and edit your SQL statement on the Edit tab of the Design Query.