Online Documentation for DB Extract for SQL Server

Common Options section

Section [#Options#] represents the options corresponding to those specified on Step 3 of Wizard application.


The configuration parameters are listed below.



0 = Extract both structure and data

1 = Extract metadata only

2 = Extract data only



0 = Extract selected types of objects only

1 = Extract all objects


ExtractMetadataFrom (applicable if ExtractAllMetaObjects = 0)

The value of this option is a list of zero ("0") and one ("1") values

Each value corresponds to a certain object type in the order they are listed on Step 3:Tables, Views, Procedures, UDTs, Users, Roles, Defaults, UDFs, Rules, Schemas, Assemblies, XML schema collections, Synonyms, Database triggers, Partition functions, Partition schemes, Aggregates, Symmetric keys, Asymmetric keys, Certificates, Full-text catalogs, Message types, Contracts, Services, Routes, Remote service bindings, Logins, Backup devices, Jobs, Alerts, Operators, Linked servers, Shared schedules, Proxies, Credentials, Endpoints, Server triggers




0 = Extract selected data tables

1 = Extract all data tables



The following two options correspond to the last step of the GUI application.



0 = Do not abort script execution if an error occurs during execution

1 = Abort script execution on error



0 = Do not add comments to the result script

1 = Allow adding comments to the result script