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Target index properties

The Target object definition area of Step 5 allows you to view and edit the target iconObjects_Index index properties:


Step 5 - Editing target objects - Target index properties


Name - specifies the index name


Columns (read only) - view the column(s) used by the index


CheckBox Unique - determines uniqueness of the index, causes the system to check for duplicate values in the table each time data are added


CheckBox Clustered - an index in which the logical order of the key values determines the physical order of the corresponding rows in a table. The bottom, or leaf, level of the clustered index contains the actual data rows of the table. A table or view is allowed one clustered index at a time


CheckBox Drop existing - specifies whether the existing index should or should not be dropped before creating the new one


CheckBox Fill factor - specifies a percentage that indicates how full the Database Engine should make the leaf level of each index page during index creation or rebuild


CheckBox Ignore duplicate keys - specifies the error response to duplicate key values in a multiple-row insert operation on a unique clustered or unique nonclustered index


CheckBox Pad index - determines whether the percentage of free space that is specified by fillfactor is applied to the intermediate-level pages of the index


CheckBox Do not recompute statistics - specifies that out-of-date index statistics are not automatically recomputed


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