Online Documentation for Data Generator for SQL Server

INTEGER field parameters

Integer fields are used for exact numeric data storage. Values for this field can be generated randomly, incrementally, or they can be taken from a fixed list of values or SQL query, or from an existing table field of the same data type.


The Generation properties panel allows you to define preferences for generating values for integer field types.


Integer field parameters



Select Data generation mode as follows:


RadioButton Generate random data

The value is generated randomly within the defined interval (the minimum and the maximum values).


Integer field parameters - Mode - Random data



CheckBox Use formula

This option allows you to correct your data according to a formula; x is a randomly generated value here. Addition, substraction, multiplication, dividing and exponentiation operations (+,-,*,/,^) can be used.


RadioButton Generate incremental data

Specify the Initial value and the Increment properties to generate an ordered incremented sequence of values.


Integer field parameters - Mode - Incremental data



RadioButton Get Data from List / SQL query

This panel allows you to define the list of values to generate integer data from. You can enter these values directly into the editor by selecting the List of Values option.

To add a single value, use the btnListAddValue Add Value button.

To load a list of values from an existing external file, use the btnListLoadFromFile Load from file button.

To save the list to an external file, use the btnListSaveToFile Save to file button.

To remove a single value, use the btnListDeleteValue Delete Value button.

To remove all items from the list, use the btnListClear Clear button.


You can also specify whether the values are to be taken in random order or in the order they have been inputted.


Alternatively, you can set the SQL Query option and input an SQL query into the editor, and the resulting dataset will be used as the list for data generation.


Integer field parameters - Mode - List or query



RadioButton Get data from Field

This option allows you to specify a field to generate data from: use the Table and Field drop-down lists to select the source table and field that will be used to take data for generation.


Integer field parameters - Mode - Field