Online Documentation for SQL Management Studio for InterBase/Firebird

Using Schedule Editor

Schedule Editor is opened automatically on adding a new scheduled task and is available on editing an existing one.


To create a task for delayed execution, please select the task to schedule. If you edit an existing task, you may need to change the task itself for the current schedule. You can do it using the Task name field of the Schedule Editor dialog.


Scheduling and Performing tasks - Schedule Editor - Daily


Afterwards you should define the recurrence pattern for the task execution:

RadioButton Daily

RadioButton Weekly

RadioButton Monthly

RadioButton Yearly



You can set the task to run RadioButton Every X day(s) or RadioButton Every weekday (i.e. except weekend days).



The recurrence pattern allows you to schedule the task for running on a specified day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. - check the corresponding box) every X week.


Scheduling and Performing tasks - Schedule Editor - Weekly



For example, you selected to run the task 'Every 3 weeks on Tuesday'. It means that task will be executed exactly on Tuesday once per three weeks.



You can set to execute your task on the certain day of the X month; another way is to run the task on the certain day of the week of the definite week of every X month.


Scheduling and Performing tasks - Schedule Editor - Monthly




You can select to run the task on a certain day of the definite month (e.g., on June, 14). Another ability allows to make the task run on the first/second/.../last day of the week of a certain month (e.g., on the second Wednesday of April).


Scheduling and Performing tasks - Schedule Editor - Yearly



Range of recurrence

Here you should specify the starting and ending points of the task execution period. Set Start date and Start time and then proceed to the ending bound of the range recurrence.


RadioButton No end date

If this option is selected, the task will be executed perpetually, unless it is deleted/modified.

RadioButton End after...

This option specifies that the task will be run only X times.

RadioButton End by ...

This option specifies the exact date which is the right bound of the recurrence range.


Daily launches

Use the Add Launch and the Delete Launch buttons to add/remove one or several daytime points for the task execution.