Online Documentation for SQL Management Studio for InterBase/Firebird

Using Step Editor

Step Editor is opened automatically on creating a new task step and is available on editing an existing one.


Scheduling and Performing tasks - Task Editor - Step Editor



Step information

First of all, you need to set a name for the new task step, or you can modify the name if the step is being edited.


Tool settings

Use the drop-down list to select a tool, point out its path, set optional template for the utility and select the location of the log file using the corresponding boxes.


Log settings

Here you can specify the ways of forming SQL Studio log file.


CheckBox Save screen to log

Enables saving all data from the utility screen to SQL Studio log file.


CheckBox Get log from file

Enables usage of the utility log file; all the data contained there will be saved to SQL Studio log file.


Finish actions

Set successful and unsuccessful finish actions. You can choose to proceed to the next step or to a specified one, end task with the report of its successful or unsuccessful ending. Step Editor also provides handling on timeout. You can set desirable timeout time and the action after its expiration.

To perform any of the actions listed above, use the appropriate boxes of Step Editor.



CheckBox Failure only for serious errors

This option enables reporting successful task ending if minor errors (e.g. extract script was executed with some errors) occurred during the utility running.


CheckBox Log size limitation

Check this option to limit the log file size for the current step and set a preferred value in the edit-box.