Online Documentation for DB Comparer for InterBase/Firebird

Viewing objects definition

The Source Object Definition and the Target Object Definition windows contain the DDL structure (Data Definition Language) of the source and target database objects. This area is read-only, hence you cannot modify object definitions using Object Definition windows.


For your convenience visual representation of definition differences is implemented: you can see the corresponding DDL differences highlighted in both Object Definition windows. If necessary, you can customize the colors using the Colors section of the Environment Options dialog.


Working with Project - Master and Target Object Definition


Note: You can show/hide these windows using the View | Source Object Definition and the View | Target Object Definition main menu items.


Use the arrow buttons to quickly get to the Next\Previous or First\Last difference.


Popup menu


Getting started - Definition area context menu


Use Synchronization to synchronize scrolling of the contents in both windows (i.e. when you scroll through one DDL text, the other scroll bar moves synchronously).


Use Copy Object Definition to copy the DDL displayed within the area to Windows clipboard.