Online Documentation for Data Pump for DB2

Step 8 - Importing data

This step of the wizard allows you to start importing data and view the log of the data import process.


Step 8 - Importing data


CheckBox Detailed error messages

Use this option to toggle detailed/simple error messages in the import log.


Commit after ... records

The spin-edit control allows you to define the number of records after which the COMMIT statement will be inserted.


CheckBox Detailed data import process

Use this option to toggle detailed/simple data import progress.


Click the <Back button if you need to change any settings before importing data.

Click the Import button to complete the importing process.


The context menu of the Import log area allows you to save the log to an external file.


Note: If necessary, you can use the Tools button to call a menu allowing you to restart the wizard.


Do not forget to save data pump template if you need to repeat the process with the same (or similar) settings later.