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Advanced Data Export .NET

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EMS Advanced Data Export .NET

Product News

Advanced Data Export .NET version 1.8.1 released
Support for MS Visual Studio 2017, WordWrap for PDF added and some bugfixes...
Advanced Data Export .NET version 1.7 released
Visual Studio 2010 support added, it is now possible to use 64-bit ACE OLEDB provider, and much more…
Advanced Data Export .NET version 1.6 released
Support of Visual Studio.Net 2008, new improved installer…
Advanced Data Export .NET v.1.5 released
Visual component editors are added, pictures now scale correctly and other minor improvements...
Advanced Data Export .NET v.1.4 released
Long strings are exported into memo type fields when exporting data from DataTable objects to MS Access, NotTruncatableFields list property, two new properties in the QExportXLS component and more…
Our components receive new names
EMS Quick Export and Quick Import become Advanced Data Export and Advanced Data Import
EMS Quick Export .NET immediately available!
We are pleased to announce Quick Export .NET - the new powerful component suite for exporting data in the most popular data formats!
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