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Advanced Data Export .NET

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Advanced Data Export .NET

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The QExportHTML component is used, as it follows from its name, for exporting data to HTML files. The main peculiarities of the component are:

• complete compatibility with HTML 4.0 specification (see http://www.w3.org);

• compatibility with contemporary browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator),starting with version 3;

• external table styles support (see CSSFileName, UsingCSS), which gives the opportunity of editing simultaneously all the files that exist as a result of the export;

• export templates support (HTMLTemplate property), the opportunity of creating your own templates, of saving them to file and loading them from file;

• the opportunity of creating several HTML files with a definite number of records in each (MaxRecords) and the automatic generation of the index file (GenerateIndex);

• the opportunity of setting the align (ColumnsAlign) and the header for each exported dataset field;

… and much more.



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