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Advanced Data Export VCL

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Advanced Data Export for RAD Studio VCL

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Release date

Advanced Data Export VCL 4.15

December 13, 2018


What's new in Advanced Data Export VCL?


  • Implemented support of RAD Studio 10.3 Rio.
  • Encoding for XML files has been added.
  • The error occurred on exporting data into XLSX with custom export source and AutoCalcColWidth property set to True. Fixed now.
  • Invalid XLS file structure was created with AutoCalcColWidth property set to True. Fixed now.
  • XLS. The error occurred if Sheets property contained only one element. Fixed now.
  • XLS. Temporary files were created in the application folder, which resulted in access errors in some cases. Fixed now.
  • DoExport method didn’t work correctly if more than 65536 rows were processed. Fixed now.
  • Headers and footers for print page in XLS were not displayed correctly. Fixed now.
  • EDatabaseError exception occurred on executing the TCustomSQLDataSet.GetRecordCount method. Fixed now.
  • Custom values for ThousandSeparator property were not saved in the configuration file. Fixed now.
  • ODS. Date and time values were not exported correctly. Fixed now.
  • Many other improvements and fixes.


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