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Setting diagram properties

When in the Diagram View mode, you are provided with facilities of customizing the diagram which are available within the Diagram Control panel located to the left of the graph itself.


Diagram Title

Use this box to enter the title of the diagram being created.


Field Name

Type in or use the drop-down list to select the name of the field to be represented in the diagram.


Label Source

Type in or use the drop-down list to select the name of the field to take X-axis labels and diagram point marks from.


Diagram Type

Define the way of the diagram representation (as Bar, Line, Area, Point, Pie or FastLine).


hs3452 - Setting diagram properties


CheckBox Color each point

If checked, each bar, point, line or sector of the diagram has an individual color; if not checked, all the points are colored red.


CheckBox Show marks

This option defines whether the diagram point marks are visible or not.


CheckBox Show axis

This option determines the visibility of the axis and the background grid.


CheckBox Show legend

This property is used to specify whether the legend rectangle should be displayed on the right side of the diagram or not.


CheckBox Monochrome

Set this option to convert the colors of the diagram into the gray scale (e.g. for BW-printing).


CheckBox View 3D

If this option is used, the diagram is represented as 3-Dimensional.


CheckBox View 3D walls

If this option is used, the diagram walls are represented as 3-Dimensional.


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