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SQL Query for Oracle

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EMS SQL Query for Oracle

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Setting database options

The Options section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to set various options for the database.


hs3252 - Setting database options


Customize database options according to your needs. The detailed description is given below.


CheckBox Login prompt before connection

Enables SQL Query for Oracle to prompt for user name and password each time you connect to the database.


CheckBox Autoconnect at startup

Check this option to specify that SQL Query for Oracle automatically establishes connection to the registered database at application startup.


CheckBox Optimize goal

Establishes the default behavior for choosing an optimization approach for the instance.



Select this value to apply the approach which is currently used by the optimizer.



If this value is selected, the optimizer uses a mix of cost and heuristics to find the best plan for fast delivery of the first few rows.



If this value is selected, the optimizer uses a cost-based approach for all SQL statements in the session regardless of the presence of statistics and optimizes with a goal of best throughput (minimum resource use to complete the entire statement).



This parameter value is not supported any more.



This parameter value is not supported any more.


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