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Creating/editing queue table

Use the Queue Table tab of Queue Table Editor to create/edit a queue and specify its properties.



Name of a queue table to be created



Use the drop-down list to specify the schema in which the queue table will be created.


Queue Table Editor - Editing Queue Table definition


Payload type

Use this section to specify type of the user data to be stored.


RadioButton Row

Indicates that RAW type will be used to store data in the queue table.


RadioButton Object type

Select this option to use an object type to store data in the queue table. Use the Schema and Name drop down lists to define the object type.



Specify the lowest database version with which the queue is compatible.


Primary instance

The primary owner of the queue table. Queue monitor scheduling and propagation for the queues in the queue table are done in this instance. The default value for primary instance is 0, which means queue monitor scheduling and propagation will be done in any available instance.


Secondary instance

The queue table fails over to the secondary instance if the primary instance is not available. The default value is 0, which means that the queue table will fail over to any available instance.


Sort list

The columns to be used as the sort key in ascending order. This parameter has the following format: 'sort_column_1,sort_column_2'.


CheckBox Multiple consumers

If the option is enabled then queues created in the table can have multiple consumers for each message.


CheckBox Message grouping

Defines message grouping behavior for queues created in the table. If the option is disabled each message will be treated individually. If the option is enabled, messages enqueued as part of one transaction are considered part of the same group and can be dequeued as a group of related messages.


CheckBox Secure

Enable this option if you want to use the queue table for secure queues. This option is available only for server version 8.1 or higher.