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Data Export for Oracle

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EMS Data Export for Oracle

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How to schedule console run

Here are the steps to schedule program run with standard Windows scheduler:


1. Set all options in the program and click Tools --> Save template on the last step..

2. Open the command line in Windows (type CMD in the Run... dialog).

3. Use the following command to run the console version with the saved template:

<path to Data Export for Oracle console application>\OraExportC.exe TemplateFile [-B]

For example:

"C:\Program Files\EMS\Data Export for Oracle\OraExportC.exe" "C:\EMS\DataExport\Example.cfg" -B

4. Launch the standard Task Scheduler tool in Windows OS.

5. Set the command for exporting data as described above.

6. Set the schedule for the command execution.

7. Save the scheduled task.


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