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SQL Manager for MySQL

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Specifying destination file name

Script destination


RadioButton Automatically load to Script Editor

Use this mode if there's no need to save script to file. Generated script will be automatically opened in SQL Script Editor.


RadioButton Save to file

This mode allows you to save complete script to a single file.


File name

Set a name for the result *.sql file and type in or use the Save as... btnSaveAs button to specify the path to this file on your local machine or on a machine in the LAN.


RadioButton Separate file for each object

Use this mode to extract each object of the database into a separate file. In this case you need to specify Directory name where created files will be stored.


Extract Database - Specifying destination file name


Note: If the specified folder exists, make sure it doesn't contain any useful data, as you will be suggested to recreate the folder.


File charset

If necessary, use the drop-down list to select the character set for the exported data.



Depending on whether you have checked the CheckBox Extract all metadata and data of the database option at the Selecting source database step, upon pressing the Next button you will either proceed to the Setting extraction mode, or you will be immediately forwarded to the Customizing script options step of the wizard.