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SQL Manager for MySQL

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EMS SQL Manager for MySQL

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Column Options

Common options


CheckBox Auto-select text

Determines whether all text within an editor is automatically selected when the editor gets focus.


CheckBox Hide selection on losing focus

Determines whether the visual indication of the selected text remains when the editor loses focus.


Memo editor options


CheckBox Inserting Return characters

Specifies whether a user can insert return characters into text.


CheckBox Inserting Tab characters

Specifies whether a user can insert tab characters into text.


CheckBox Word wrap in grid

Determines whether long strings are wrapped in grid.


CheckBox Popup memo editors

Turns on popup memo editors for text BLOB type fields.


Environment Options - Grid - Column Options



Spin editor options


CheckBox Use Ctrl+Up instead of Up to increase value

Allows you to use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down key combinations for editing spinner values (for INTEGER field values).


CheckBox Show large increment buttons

Determines whether fast buttons (for large increment) are visible within the editor.



Specifies the increment value for the spin editor (spinner control).


Large increment

Specifies the large increment value for the spin editor (spinner control).


Spin editor buttons' position

Specifies the position of spin editor (spinner control) buttons: vertical, horizontal / left and right or horizontal / right.