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DB Comparer for MySQL

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EMS DB Comparer for MySQL

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Information window

The Information window displays detailed information on the database objects being compared.


Working with Project - Information window - total



Depending on the current selection in DB Tree, the Information window either lists the total count of different objects in the source and the target database (if a group of objects is selected in DB Tree) or contains the complete list of properties of the source object as compared to the corresponding object in the target database (if a particular object is selected in DB Tree). At the header of the Information window the name and group of the objects are displayed (Different, Only Source, Only Target, Identical).


Working with Project - Information window - properties


If an object property in the source database  differs from an object property in the target database , it is highlighted (red by default) in the Information window.

Use the iconDifferent button to hide identical objects.



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