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Data Import for MySQL

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EMS Data Import for MySQL

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Step 11 - Start of data import process

This step of the wizard is intended to inform you that all import options have been set, and you can start the import process. If everything is correct, press the Import button to start the process. If you want to change something, you can return to any of the wizard steps using the Back button.


CheckBox Continue if before import script is executed with errors

Check this option to ignore errors in Before Script execution during import.


CheckBox Close progress when done

If this option is selected, the child window indicating the import progress is closed automatically when the import process is completed.


CheckBox Parallel execution

Check this option to perform several files import process simultaneously.



Step 10



Save log to file

This button calls the Save file dialog which allows you to save the on-screen log to a file.


Clear log

Pressing this button clears the on-screen log area, removing all messages.



If necessary, you can save a template for future use.



Click the Finish button to start the import process.