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SQL Backup for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

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Backup Converter Utility

This utility is used for converting EMS SQL Backup backup files to standard MS SQL Server backup files. It is run in console mode only.



<path to ConvertUtil.exe tool>\ConvertUtil.exe -I[nputFile]:file_name -O[utputFile]:

file_name -D[atabases]:name[,...n] [-H[elp]|Help|-?] [-P[assword]:password]


The path to this utility is "C:\Program Files\EMS\SQL Backup\Distrib\Service\", on the machine where EMS SQL Backup Console is installed; on the server - "C:\Program Files\EMS\SQL Backup\Service\".



-I[nputFile] stands for the EMS SQL Backup file to be converted

-O[utputFile] sets the result name of SQL Server backup file

-D[atabases] sets database name(s), which data should be extracted


Optional parameters:

-H[elp]|Help|-? outputs reference information

-P[assword] sets the password to convert encrypted backups



"C:\Program Files\EMS\SQL Backup\Service\ConvertUtil.exe"  -I:”C:\Data\TEST.bkp” –O:”TESTms.bak” 

–D:Employee,Departments –P:8p5Zh79


Note: If EMS SQL Backup backup is split into several files you only need to specify the first file from the chain, all subsequent files are processed automatically.


Note: If on backup you specified more than one threads at Defining EMS SQL Backup settings, you will get n MS SQL Server files as a result of conversion. You will need to select all of those n files on restore by MS SQL Server means.