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SQL Backup for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

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Install server-side EMS SQL Backup components

EMS SQL Backup utility consists of two parts: server-side components and GUI administration console.

To start working with EMS SQL Backup you need to install server-side components. To run the installation wizard select the Install server-side EMS SQL Backup Components item in the server popup menu at Servers tab.


Server-side components

They are installed locally or remotely on all MS SQL server instances that will be managed within the utility. They include services and stored procedures (installed into master database) for server maintaining and reviewing.


EMS SQL Backup Administration Console

It is installed locally on the Administrator machine for easy administration of the servers. On installation the program installs the console program and configures the repository.


You need Local system or Local administration permissions to work with server and services.




Selecting installation type

Specifying service account settings

Performing operation



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