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SQL Backup for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

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How to register EMS SQL Backup

The EMS SQL Backup registration is not equal to immediate registration of the EMS SQL Backup Console. Registering EMS SQL Backup means purchasing and further activation of a received License Key for every instance you want to work with.


Note that for working with Enterprise and BI versions of SQL Server you need to activate the EMS SQL Backup PRO license.


Having installed the client- and server–side parts of EMS SQL Backup, you need to activate the server-side part of EMS SQL Backup.

To get an activation code, please do the following:

  1. Run EMS SQL Backup.
  2. Connect to SQL Server.
  3. Right-click this server in the server list and select "Activate license".
  4. Follow the steps in the Wizard.


To remove a license from an instance use the Deactivate License Wizard. After that you will be able to activate this license  key on another SQL Server instance.


License activation

License deactivation



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