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SQL Backup for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Backup for SQL Server

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Installation of EMS SQL Backup

If you are installing EMS SQL Backup for the first time on your PC:


  • download the EMS SQL Backup installation package from the download page available at our site;
  • unzip the downloaded file to any local directory, e.g. C:\unzipped;
  • run SQLBackupSetup-1.x.x.xxxx.msi from the local directory and follow the instructions of the installation wizard.

There are two modes of the EMS SQL Backup Console installation: Typical и Custom. If you choose the Custom mode then you will be able to define the destination program folder and specify if the help-file should be copied there or not.


After the installation process is completed, find the EMS SQL Backup shortcut in the corresponding group of Windows Start menu.


If you want to upgrade an installed copy of EMS SQL Backup to the latest version:


  • download the full installation package of EMS SQL Backup from the download page available at our site;
  • close EMS SQL Backup application if it is running;
  • repeat the steps you have made for the first-time installation;
  • run EMS SQL Backup using its shortcut in the corresponding group of Windows Start menu.




There is an installation mode that allows installing server components on local servers without installing EMS SQL Backup Console.

This mode should be used when a remote installation of server components from EMS SQL Backup Console is impossible due to some reasons but at the same time the installation package can be copied to a server and run there.

To run the server-side components installation using the Stand-alone remote components Installer choose the Server-side only on the third step of the installation wizard.



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