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SQL Administrator for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Administrator for SQL Server

Product Features

SQL Server monitoring

  • Monitoring most important performance indicators
  • Viewing performance counters of the system and SQL Server in real-time
  • Complete summary info on server and database with highlighting of important data
  • Viewing information about current server processes and locks of specific processes and objects
  • Viewing SQL Server and system logs

Impressive performance tuning

  • Statistics Collector to collect statistics of the system and SQL Server performances
  • Graphical comparison of statistics over different time periods to find performance bottlenecks
  • Analysing trends of performance metrics over time
  • Searching for missing indexes

SQL Server health checking

  • Checking server health with Alarm Summary tool
  • Getting alerts if server goes down, there is no available space, job/maintenance plan is failed and so on
  • Ability to fix problems with one-click

Easy management of SQL Server maintenance tasks

  • Well-described wizard system to backup/restore, attach/detach, check, shrink databases, rebuild/reorganize indexes
  • Creating/modifying/dropping maintenance plans
  • Getting complete information about all database maintenance tasks including their schedule and status

Managing SQL Server configurations

  • Storing server configuration including server properties, configuration options, logins, database options, objects’ permissions
  • Comparing configurations with displaying their difference
  • Updating server from saved configuration or from configuration of another server

Advanced SQL Server storage management

  • Managing databases and their files
  • Analysing space utilization by drive, database or database objects
  • Forecasting disk space exhaustion

Easy management of SQL Server objects

  • Managing proxies, alerts and operators
  • Managing server level objects: maintenance plans, jobs, alerts, operators, proxies and other
  • Managing database level objects: tables, views, procedures, partition functions and schemas, sequences and other
  • Displaying object properties in a grid with selecting columns to display, filtering and sorting data
  • Ability to print object properties
  • Creating a new object using existing one from the same or another server as a template

Effective security management

  • Managing logins and server roles
  • Managing database users and custom roles
  • Determining logins that have high privileges on server (system and security administrators)
  • Viewing information about all security options of the server and databases at the same time
  • Viewing and setting permissions on a selected securable in grid of principals – principal
  • Viewing and setting permissions of a selected principal in grid of securables

Easy-to-use user interface

  • Well-described wizard system to perform SQL Server maintenance tasks
  • Focusing on the executable task without extra information
  • Set of skins allows to customize the program appearance satisfying personal preferences
  • Fully customizable program interface

And other useful tools and features

  • Handy Query Management tool for SQL queries and script execution
  • Ability to print almost any data of the program