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Adding report components

To start working with the printing form of the report proceed to the Page tab of the Report Tree.


Report Designer - Adding bands



You can customize report view using bands. Each band can define specified data.


Adding bands


In order to add a band to the report:

  • proceed to the Page1 tab of Report Tree;
  • pick the iconFastReport_InsertBand Insert Band component on the toolbar (on the left);
  • select the band to be added to the report;
  • click within the working area - the corresponding element appears in the area;
  • set element properties within the Properties Inspector.


Each band appears in the Report Tree as a node.


Table and report data should be added as Master Data and column headers as Group Header.


Adding report data


In order to add data to the report:

  • proceed to the Data tab within the panel on the right side of the window;
  • pick a field within the iconFastReport_Data Data tree and drag it to the working area;
  • add all necessary elements one by one using drag-and-drop operation for each of them.



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