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SQL Manager for SQL Server

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EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server

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SQL Manager for SQL Server 5.0.1

October 4, 2018


What's new in SQL Manager for SQL Server 5.0.1?


1. Tabs couldn't be reordered. Fixed now.

2. The 'Access Violation' error occasionally occured on toolbar customization. Fixed now.

3. Display of sql_variant data has been fixed.

4. Incorrect refresh of tables in SQL Server 2000 has been fixed.

5. Columns autofit didn't always work correctly. Fixed now.

6. The error on compiling stored procedure has been fixed.

7. The object was not focused in the collapsed node on Ctrl+O use.

8. The variable color has been changed for the dark color schema.

9. Fragmentation data was not displayed for indices. Fixed now.

10. Many other improvements and bugfixes.



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