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DB Comparer for SQL Server

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EMS DB Comparer for SQL Server

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Database Comparison utilities 1.3 released.
MySQL 5.0.1, PostgreSQL 8 support and some visual improvements...
Database Comparison utilities 1.2.5 released.
PostgreSQL 8 support, other improvements and bug fixes...
Database Comparison utilities 1.2 released.
Console Application, PostgreSQL 7.4 and Firebird 1.5 support, and much more...
Database Comparsion utilities 1.1 released.
Increased the comparison speed, other improvements and bugfixes.
MS SQL Database Comparer released!
EMS MS SQL Database Comparer is a powerful utility for comparing Microsoft® SQL Server databases and discovering differences in their structure.
MS SQL Utils 1.1 released.
BLOB and Unicode support, BLOB Editor and Print View in MS SQL Query, import to tables with identity columns in MS SQL Import and much more...