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Data Export for SQL Server

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EMS Data Export for SQL Server

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Using the Options tab you can set font and border options for all elements of the Excel 2007 / ODF sheet (HEADER, CAPTION, DATA, FOOTER).


Sheet name

If necessary, you can specify the sheet name for the target Excel / ODF Spreadsheet file.


Use the Font and the Size drop-down lists to select the font and size to be applied to the output text.

Use the buttons below to set font color, make text bold, italic, strikethrough text, set underline effects, specify text horizontal and vertical align.


Format-specific options - MS Excel 2007 and ODS - Options


CheckBox Use background

Enable this option to be able to change result file background color.

Press the btnExportData_BackgroundColor button on the left to set the background color.


You can reset the changes any time using the Reset Item and the Reset All buttons.


Note: For your convenience the previews illustrating the changes are displayed in the Sample Text area.


Enable the CheckBox Use Border option at the Border tab if it is needed.

Then define its color btnExportData_ForegroundColor and style.


Format-specific options - MS Excel 2007 and ODS - Options - Border