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Data Export for SQL Server

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EMS Data Export for SQL Server

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Data Export for SQL Server

June 9, 2014



What's new in EMS Data Export?


  • DOCX. The possibility to insert images from BLOB-fields to the table is implemented.
  • XML. Export of binary data from BLOB-field with HEX and Base64 format is implemented.
  • Numeric template and date and time template formats refer to the standard Windows formats.
  • Passive connection mode is implemented when uploading file to FTP-server.
  • XLS. When adding the hyperlink to another *.xls file, at times the link turned out to be broken. Fixed now.
  • SQL. When inserting the large number of records, "Out of memory" error occurred. Fixed now.
  • MDB, ACCDB. Integer type fields were exported as text. Fixed now.
  • CSV. The export to UTF-8 coded files did not work. Fixed now.
  • XML. When exporting data with spaces, ordinary spaces were replaced with nonbreaking spaces. Fixed now.
  • Other improvements and bugfixes.



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