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Data Export for SQL Server

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EMS Data Export for SQL Server

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Data Export for SQL Server 3.7.2

August 09, 2017



What's new in EMS Data Export?


  • BLOB fields can be exported to Base64 strings for text formats now.
  • Support for MS Access 2016 has been added.
  • Automatic search for MS SQL servers in the network has been improved.
  • Adding of BOM is optional now.
  • The errors in using Before export script have been fixed.
  • The message about deleted tables was not added to the log. Fixed now.
  • The error of exporting view data has been fixed.
  • Dates were incorrectly exported to XLSX in some cases. Fixed now.
  • Data was not exported correctly to TXT with "User-defined column width" option on. Fixed now.
  • Many other improvements and bugfixes.


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