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SQL Query for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Query for InterBase/FireBird

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Editing connection properties

The Connection section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to view and edit the connection properties.


hs3251 - Editing connection properties





Host name

Type in, or use the drop-down list to specify the host name of the Interbase/Firebird server.


Network Protocol

Use the drop-down list to select the communication protocol to be used for the connection. Possible values are: Local, TCP/IP, Novell SPX, NetBEUI, Embedded.


Authorization settings: User name and Password


You can also define the user role in Role field.


You also need to specify the path to the Library in the corresponding field. For successful connection to the server it is crucial to use the appropriate client library - the one that is compatible with the server you are using: gds32.dll for InterBase and fbclient.dll for Firebird. Please note that the client library file must be located on your local machine (e.g. in the directory where the utility is installed).


Specify a Port/Service to connect through..


If necessary, you can also select a different Database name or edit the Database alias - an optional name to display the database in the DB Explorer tree and all SQL Query tools.


This section of the Database Registration Info dialog also allows you to modify the Font Charset for the Interbase/Firebird database.



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