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SQL Manager for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

Product Features

Latest InterBase and Firebird versions support

  • Compatible with any Firebird server version up to 3.0
  • Compatible with any InterBase server version up to XE7
  • Compatible with Red Database

Powerful and easy-to-use graphical user interface

  • MDI and floating-window styles implementation
  • Handy database explorer to manage all InterBase and Firebird objects
  • Customizable toolbars for all program windows
  • Fully customizable program interface
  • Powerful visual options module
  • Possibility of saving all program settings
  • Localizable program interface

Rapid database management and navigation

  • Multiple host/database connections
  • Connecting via local port forwarding through the SSH tunnel
  • Registering/unregistering databases for working with the required ones only
  • Project mode for working with the needed database objects only
  • Grouping/ungrouping registered databases by host name

Easy management of all InterBase and Firebird objects with Unicode support editors

  • Creating/dropping databases
  • Managing tables and all their subobjects: fields, indices, checks and foreign keys
  • Managing views, triggers, DB triggers and stored procedures
  • Trigger messages support is implemented
  • Managing UDFs, exceptions, generators and BLOB filters
  • Managing journals and journal archives
  • Duplicating all database objects
  • Renaming most of database objects
  • Viewing dependencies between the database objects
  • Powerful stored procedure and trigger debugger

Advanced Unicode data manipulation tools

  • Powerful BLOB viewer/editor with several types of viewing BLOB data
  • Plenty of useful tools such as data grouping, fast searching and filtering
  • Master-detail view to work with two linked tables at the same time
  • Table and card views to see data the way you like
  • Ability to copy and paste selected records
  • Advanced printing system
  • Exporting data to SQL script as INSERT statement with Unicode support

Effective security management

  • Powerful user and group manager for administering users and privileges
  • Grant manager displaying all database object grants in the form of grid
  • Support of Embedded User Authentication

Excellent visual and text tools for query building

  • Visual query builder with Unicode support allowing you to build complicated queries without any knowledge of SQL syntax
  • Multiple Unicode SQL editors with code completion and syntax highlight; executing queries in background mode
  • Large Unicode script executing (SQL script editor)
  • Ability to view query plans in the form of diagram

Report designer with clear in use report construction wizard

  • New Create Report Wizard allows you to create simple reports in a few clicks
  • Managing reports the same way as if they were a database object: accessing reports directly trough DB Explorer tree

Impressive Unicode compatible data export and import wizards working in background mode

  • Exporting data to most popular formats: MS Excel, MS Word (up to version 2007), HTML, PDF, TXT, CSV, DBF, XML, ODS, ODT, etc.
  • Exporting data to MS Access
  • Importing data from MS Excel, DBF, TXT and CSV
  • Importing data from MS Access

Powerful visual database designer

  • Possibility to create, edit and drop tables and table fields, set links between tables visually
  • Reverse engineering
  • Saving as image or printing database diagram

Easy-to-use wizards performing InterBase and Firebird services in background mode

  • Backup database
  • Restore database
  • Database journaling
  • Incremental database backup
  • Database Validation
  • Enhanced database Statistics
  • Bring database online
  • Shutdown database
  • Ability to rebuild or recompute all or some of database indices

Other useful tools to make your work with InterBase and Firebird as easy as it can be

  • Extracting metadata in background mode into text files or SQL script editor with Unicode support
  • Powerful print metadata module for creating customizable metadata reports
  • HTML report generator to quickly create a detailed HTML report about your database
  • Report designer for building powerful reports visually
  • SQL Monitor

And other useful features

  • Keyboard templates
  • To-do list
  • External tool manager
  • Third-party plugins support