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SQL Manager for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

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Start/Stop Database

Start/Stop Database Wizard allows you to shutdown (to switch to the one-user database connection mode) and to bring database online back again.


Maintaining a database often involves shutting it down. The user who shuts down the database then has exclusive access to the database.

After a database is shut down, it must be restarted (brought back online) before users can access it.


To run the wizard, select the Services | iconStartDatabase Start/Stop Database... main menu item, or right-click a table in the DB Explorer tree and select the Table Services | iconStartDatabase Start/Stop Database... context menu item.








Full version (for Windows)


Lite version (for Windows)


Note: To compare all features of the Full and the Lite versions of SQL Manager, refer to the Feature Matrix page.



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