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SQL Manager for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

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Setting validation options

This step of the wizard allows you to set the general validation options.


Database Validation - Setting validation options





CheckBox Return a list of limbo transactions

If this option is selected, the database is checked on transactions in limbo, i.e. the transactions that cannot be defined as executed or aborted.


CheckBox Validate the database, but don't repair it

Enables the "Read Only" mode of validation. By default, validating a database updates it, if necessary. Check this option to prevent updating.


CheckBox Ignore all checksum errors

If this option is selected, all checksum errors are ignored.

A checksum is a page-by-page analysis of data to verify its integrity. A bad checksum means that a database page has been randomly overwritten (e.g. due to a system crash).


CheckBox Kill all unavailable shadow files

If this option is selected, server drops the shadows which cannot be used.


CheckBox Prepare a corrupt database for backup

Performs total cleaning of the corrupt database, preparing the database for backup.


CheckBox Perform a database sweep

Removes all outdated records.


CheckBox Validate the database structure

Repairs corrupt or misallocated structures.


CheckBox Validate record fragments

Releases unassigned record fragments.



Log file options


CheckBox Write log information to file

Check this option if you wish to log validation process to an external file.


File name

This field is enabled if the Write log information to file option is selected. Type in or use the btnSaveAs Save as button to specify the path to the *.log file to store the database validation logs.



Click the Next button to proceed to Running database validation.