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Defining autoincrement

For SMALLINT and INTEGER fields, Field Editor provides you with an ability to specify autoincrement. A generator, a trigger and/or a procedure wrapper can be created to implement the autoincrement property for the field being created/edited.


To enable the autoincrement property, select the CheckBox Autoincrement value option.


To disable the autoincrement property, deselect the CheckBox Autoincrement value option. The tree on the left will change - the Disable node will appear under the Autoincrement branch. Switch to the Disable page, and select the objects to be dropped with the help of the corresponding flags:

CheckBox Drop generator

CheckBox Drop trigger

CheckBox Drop procedure wrapper


Since Firebird 3.0 it is possible to define the IDENTITY field property to enable autoincrement abilities of the field. Select the CheckBox Identity option to switch on identity and set the initial sequence value in the Start with field. Please note that it is not possible to use Identity and Autoincrement value options at the same time because they provide with the same feature.