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SQL Manager for IB/FB

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EMS SQL Manager for InterBase/Firebird

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The Transactions section of the Database Registration Info dialog allows you to set the isolation level for data and metadata. Isolation level determines how a transaction interacts with other simultaneous transactions accessing the same tables.


Database Registration Info - Defining Transactions



Data Transactions Properties | Metadata Transactions Properties


RadioButton Snapshot

Provides a repeatable-read view of the database at the moment the transaction starts. Changes made by other simultaneous transactions are not visible. Snapshot table stability provides a repeatable read of the database by ensuring that transactions cannot write to tables, though they may still be able to read from them.

RadioButton Read committed

Enables transactions to see the most recently committed changes made by other simultaneous transactions. It can also update rows as long as no update conflict occurs. Uncommitted changes made by other transactions remain invisible until committed.

RadioButton Read-only table stability

Defines the 'read-only' access mode when the transactions are only allowed selecting data from the table.

RadioButton Read-write table stability

Defines the read-write access mode when the transactions are allowed to select, insert, update and delete data from the table.


Note: SQL Manager automatically deletes wrong parameters, if any.