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EMS Data Pump for InterBase/Firebird

Product News

EMS Data Pump version 3.1.2 released
Added support for SQL Server 2017, MySQL Server 8, PostgreSQL 12 and Azure, fixes for generating script and more...
EMS Data Pump version 3.1.1 released
Renewed installation program, lots of other improvements and bug-fixes...
EMS Data Pump version 3.1 released
Added the possibility to transfer objects descriptions, support of the latest Server versions, automatic recreation of foreign keys, and much more…
EMS Data Pump version 3.0 released
Unicode support implemented, support of the latest DBMS versions, password encryption and much more…
Data Pump v.2.2 released
Private Key support for SSH authentication, object names in the result script for data import can be quoted automatically, the default schema for tables import can be specified, Oracle version added and more…
Data Pump 2006 version 2.1 released
Two types of template formats have been implemented, ability to connect through SSH and HTTP tunnels has been added and many more...
Data Pump 2006 immediately available
We are pleased to announce Data Pump 2006 - the new major version of the powerful tool for converting databases and importing data from an ADO-compatible sources to MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, InterBase, Firebird and DB2 databases!
EMS Product Trials CD - all EMS software on one CD
Get all EMS product FREE trials on one low-cost CD with an automatically launched user-friendly shell.
Data Pump utilities 1.6 released.
MySQL 5.0.1, PostgreSQL 8 support and some visual improvements...
DataPump utilities 1.5 released.
Stripping whitespaces from end of strings, and much more...