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Data Pump for IB/FB

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EMS Data Pump for InterBase/Firebird

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Step 4 - Setting options

At this step of the wizard you can define pump options: database structure conversion options, SQL script execution, data import preferences, server-specific options, and perform source-to-target type mapping.


Step 4 - Setting options


Convert database structure options

This group of options allows you to customize database structure conversion process.


CheckBox Convert names to SQL92 standard

This option brings all the database object names to conformity with SQL92 naming rules.


Object names format

The drop-down list allows you to specify whether object names are to be converted to upper/lower case or left without changes (As Is).


CheckBox Convert default values

Check this option to convert the default values of the source database to default values for the destination database.


Script options

This group of options allows you to customize the SQL script generation and its execution process.


CheckBox Enable comments

If this option is selected, comments will be included into the body of the script.


CheckBox Show "OK" for successfully executed statements

If this option is selected, records for successfully executed statements will be listed in the Script execution information area at Step 6.


CheckBox Always skip successfully executed statements

If this option is selected, all successfully executed statements will be skipped upon subsequent script execution.


CheckBox Generate "DROP TABLE" statements

Select the option to add the DROP statements for tables in the script.

Note: This option is only enabled for Firebird server.


CheckBox Stop script execution on error

If this option is checked, the script execution will be stopped if an error occurs.


Import options

This group of options allows you to customize data import process.


CheckBox Clear tables before import data

Select this option to empty the tables in the Interbase/Firebird database before data import at Step 8.


CheckBox Quote source identifiers

This option enables/disables quoting source object identifiers.

If enabled, use the drop-down list to select the preferable value:

  • Default to use the default quotes for the data source being used;
  • one of available quoting patterns: "...", '...', `...`, [...], (...), {...}, <...>;
  • Custom to specify any other characters to be used as left/right quotes.


CheckBox Remove trailing spaces

If this option is checked, unused space at the end of source data strings will be cut off.


Specific options

This group allows you to define server-specific options.


CheckBox Set generators after import to max value

Use this option to enforce the maximum value for the generators after the import operation is complete.


Press the Global type mapping button to open the Type mapping dialog allowing you to view and edit source-target data type correspondences.


When you are done, click the Next button to proceed to editing target objects.