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Data Export for IB/FB

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EMS Data Export for InterBase/Firebird

On-line Documentation

Working with console application

All the export options are set in configuration (*.cfg) files. A configuration (template) file can be also used in the Console version of Data Export for Interbase/Firebird.


To create a configuration (template) file, follow the instructions below:

  • start Data Export Application wizard;
  • set all the required options in all steps of the wizard;
  • test the export process at the last step;
  • save all export options in the template.


The easiest way to start Data Export for Interbase/Firebird console application is to double-click the generated *.cfg template. The other way is to enter the command line and type the appropriate command.




<path to Data Export for Interbase/Firebird console application>\IbExportC.exe TemplateFile [-B]



Stands for the path and the name of *.cfg template file to be used as the console version execution parameter



Use this parameter in the command line to run the console version of Data Export for Interbase/Firebird in the background mode




"C:\Program Files\EMS\Data Export for InterBase & Firebird\IbExportC.exe" "C:\EMS\DataExport\Example.cfg" -B



Using parameters in queries


IbExportC.exe [Template file] -[Query name]:[Parameter name]=[Value] -[Query name]:[Parameter name]=[Value] etc.

(see Using query parameters)


Note: The following exit codes can be returned by Data Export for Interbase/Firebird to the operating system after performing the latest task:

0 - successful completion;

1 - error(s) occurred during task performing;

2 - fatal error occurred. The task was not performed.


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