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SQL Query for DB2

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EMS SQL Query for DB2

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Defining Node options and protocol parameters

Enter the necessary node settings to establish connection to DB2 server.


hs3232 - Defining node options and protocol parameters


Set the node name and specify the instance name in the corresponding boxes.


Afterwards you should specify the communication protocol to be used to connect to databases on the specified Node: APPN, TCP/IP, NPIPE or LOCAL.



If this value is selected, information about the workstation that uses APPN as its communication protocol is added to the Node directory. DB2 server uses this information to establish the connection between the SQL Query application and a remote database cataloged on this Node.



If this value is selected, a Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) node entry is added to the Node directory. The TCP/IP communication protocol is used to access the remote DB2 Node.



If this value is selected, a named pipe node entry is added to the Node directory. The named pipe protocol is used to access the remote DB2 Node.



If this value is selected, a local alias for an instance that resides on the same machine is created. A local node should be cataloged when there is more than one instance on the same workstation to be accessed from the user’s client. Interprocess Communications (IPC) is used to access the local Node.


Protocol properties

Depending on the selected protocol, you are supposed to define protocol-specific properties: Remote partner node (for APPN protocol), Service name/Port number (for TCP/IP protocol) or Computer name (for NPIPE protocol).


Remote partner node

Specify the SNA (IBM Systems Network Architecture) partner logical unit used for the connection. Here you should enter the logical unit name of the remote node. The name must be entered exactly as it appears (using mixed case characters). The name must follow SNA naming conventions.


Service name/Port number

Specify the service name or the port number of the server database manager instance. The maximum length is 14 characters. This parameter is case sensitive.

If a service name is specified, the services file on the client is used to map the service name to a port number. A service name is specified in the server’s database manager configuration file, and the services file on the server is used to map this service name to a port number. The port number on the client and the server must match.

A port number can be specified in the database manager configuration file on the server, but this is not recommended. If a port number is specified, no service name needs to be specified in the local TCP/IP services file.


Computer name

The computer name of the node on which the target database resides. Maximum length is 15 characters.


If necessary, submit a comment for the Node being cataloged.


Click the Next button to proceed to the Applying changes step of the wizard.