The software works fantastic; it’s the best for the SQL Server that I have used. Congratulations to all your developers.
Alejandro Rigalt
We own the product ... actually… all of them! They are great! And we use them extensively!
Chad Vandergrifft
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I have used your SQL Manager for PostgreSQL product in the past and figured this was certainly worth buying again for our MySQL development. Congratulations on having such a great product. The MySQL and PostgreSQL communities benefit greatly from having you guys around.
D. Dante Lorenso
First of all I want to congratulate you for such a wonderful products. I also wanted to express my admiration for such a wonderful customer service.
Jürgen Kappler
Thanks for your great products - I've enjoyed them for years. I hope you folks are doing well.
A. Signs
Many thanks! Thank you for that there is such a convenient and functional product as SQL Manager for MySQL. Earlier I used phpMyAdmin on the local machine but when I learned about your product - I was delighted with it. It is the tool which is necessary for working with DB.
Ivan Kravets
I have just come across your website and downloaded one of your products. Before I could download the product I was asked to create a Member Account. I was very impressed by the clean functionality of your Membership Management on your website, including the Update My Subscription page.…
Charles Papp
I bought your SQL Manager for MySQL in November 2002. I must say it is very good. I have also recommended it to other mysql developers.
Franklyn Moore
I thank u for your support and surely enjoy the time your software saves me from what I had to do manually first.
Jef Schoors
I am currently a student ... I really found your product to be the best I have tried for interacting and doing visual database design. It's honestly one of the best products I have used for SQL related design. …
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